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About us

Field's Hobby Center has been serving the Western New York Community for 50 years. We pride ourselves in maintaining a family shop and catering to our customers from all over the region in both US and Canada.

Hobby Shop History of Field's Hobby Center, Inc. History at a glance...a real glance.

Donald W. Field, (Grampa) served in WWII on the Philippine islands. He was known as "the" tunnel rat, walking into caves and underground tunnels most people would never dare. One of those caves finally caught up to him when he stepped on a land mine. Johnny Trotts, his best friend, gave him back his life by digging him out, for which we are grateful. Don was tragically hurt spending the next three years in a full body cast at the hospital. He was rotated throughout the day, much like on a rotisserie spit to keep circulation in tact. Doctors told him he did not have many years to live and would never father children. Awarded many metals in combat, one of which was the Purple Heart, he just never quit.

After the war Dad made a miraculous recovery, beating the odds in every way! Although scarred over much of his body and in pain most of the time, he went to work at Bell Aircraft as one of their top electricians. He married, fathered 5 children and owned a home. At this point there were no worries. All was well until 1959. Like many other Americans, Dad found himself looking for a job.

This was not an easy task since he was 100% disabled. Perseverance as his greatest quality, he bought a hobby shop in receivership for Lee Sterns. The shop was called Sterns Hobby Shop back in the 1950's. With nothing else to lose the tunnel rat dug in once again bringing the business back to it's feet, renaming it Field's Hobby Center.

Making a living for his family was all he wanted. Little did he know where it would go. His lust for life and genuine love for people and hobbies tunneled a new spirit for the hobby industry.

The legacy continues...

In the mid to late 1970's the business suffered like many others from the economy crunch. Many items were liquidated and employee's were laid off just to stay afloat. Dad's health was deteriorating. Although his interest was alive his disabilities took precedence. The business suffered to the point of collapse.

His oldest son, Doug, had just come off the road after seven years of playing drums with the original "Two Hills Band" and purchased the business at the point of bankruptcy. From the time he was 12 years old, Doug spent most of his time growing up in the business. He made yet another "go" at the old neighborhood stand-by hobby shop resurrecting it-adding new products, concentrating on radio controlled airplanes, cars and boats. Teaching for many years at the Hamburg flying park, Doug increased the interest for flying. He now has 47 years invested. Service to the customer was always the number one priority and that continues to this day. Doug followed in his Dad's footsteps building trust and confidence with Field's Hobby Ctr. customers. The business was on a roll once again.

Today the legacy continues with Doug, his two sons, Jason and Adam, and employees Louie, Greg, Kris and Dan. Just as Dad modeled, all employees pride themselves in personal service and honest customer relations. Product lines are ever-expanding: electric and nitro trucks, cars, airplanes, helicopters, electric and nitro. Our Dad would be happy to know that his investment, Field's Hobby Center, continues to bloom as a desired, service-oriented spot for many hobby enthusiasts.

We welcome you to stop in and experience for yourself the fun our family has been having for over 50 years!

Specializing in RC Airplanes, Cars, Helicopters and Boats.

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